The Longest Winter Of All Time

Paulo Cristo
6 min readSep 19, 2020

I´m writing this story in the middle of September, 2020. Today is September, 19. It´s still summer time here in the Northern hemisphere, at least for a few days more. However i wanted to write about winter, although it is still three months ahead i feel this is the perfect time to have a glimpse of this near future.

Early this year, humanity suddenly woke up for a nightmarish dream. We were stroked, all of the sudden by a global pandemic, they called it Covid-19. A new type of coronavirus that appeared by the first time in Wuhan; China. We now know in fact that the virus was already circulating a couple of months before the start of 2020, therefore the 19 in its name, standing for 2019, the year of all our fears.

More than a half year has passed since the virus broke the natural frontiers of China and started spreading all over the world. It caught us completely unprepared and it was literally a chaos pretty much everywhere. In the first months of 2020 some countries in Europe were hit pretty hard, from those Italy and Spain where two of the unluckiest ones, but not a single one was unaffected. All over the world governments tried to deal with this unknow and new menace on their own way, with some of them just not doing more than just copycat “anti-pandemic” measures from the others. Some have choosen to close their borders with neighbour countries, and for the majority, the only way to reduce the impact of the invisible beast was to impose strong limitations on people´s lives and free circulation around the globe. They called it the big “lockdown”.

With these lockdown measures in place, people were sometimes forced to stay at home, to avoid every single trip that was not completely mandatory, to avoid visiting their own relatives, and even schools were closed completely, forcing the students to take online lessons and the parents of younger kids to stop working because they had to take care of their children, that all of the sudden did not had a place to stay during the day. Many people started to work remotely whenever it was feasible, but that was a good think if you ask me. I´m working remotely for almost decade, i know all the pros and the cons, and i know that not all jobs can be done like this, it is something that takes time to get used to, and i also know that mentally not all people is “designed” for it.

We also started to wear masks to go to public places, and for a long period of time, many of public places were just completely shut down, like movie…

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