Covid-19 : 2 — Humanity : 0

Paulo Cristo
6 min readSep 12, 2020

Although we´re definitely not playing any games here, i feel this title clearly adequate to my feeling on what is going on with the World and the current “war” to this global pandemic that came upon us early this year.

No, i´m also not literally referring to a second wave of coronavirus, mostly because i think the first one never ended, at least in most western countries.

I think Covid-19 scored 1 point the first time it appeared, because it caught everyone by surprise, we were not prepared whatsoever, despite all the warnings from the experts in recent years. While unprepared, we were also very slow to react, basically we were just watching the news, hoping that this new menace was not capable to cross borders and travel around the globe. As long as it was mainly in some foreign and faraway country (like China), we could not care less, and we just kept watching the news, unprepared, until it hit us hard.

Even when it arrived to Europe, most countries were relatively slow to react, everybody was watching the neighbour countries, again with the hope that the virus could be contained there. Apart some very few exceptions, most EU governments were very slow to react and their security measures were completely ineffective, until it was too late and the complete lockdown, the last resource to mankind, come into the play.

Summer time came, and the vírus became less active here, because people are less prone to be in closed spaces and more prone to be outside. Also, this is that part of the year where almost no one has a record of a flu or a cold. So we tough everything was already ok (like the famous song). But it was not. At the same time, the vírus was becoming more active in some other continents, like America, Africa, and other parts of Asia, like India. Once again, all the action was happening faraway, so people started to relax and everybody went for summer vacations, traveling around, like they would do in a normal year. Except they forgot the fact that 2020 is not, and never will be remembered as a regular year.

The second strike from Covid is due to the fact that we learn nothing from the last 6 months. Once again we are trying to pretend that everything is normal, and that we can go back to our lives as they were before, doing the same things in the same way. Going back to work or schools as usual. The only difference is that we have to wear masks now. But we cannot go back to the same! And that is why the vírus is already scoring the…

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